400µg x 30 tablets



ANTI-RAD is POTASSIUM IODIDE 200µg per tablet, it was created based on the original Lugoli formula. Initially, the resulting Lugol’s fluid is an aqueous solution of potassium iodide. It was originally developed in 1829 by Jean Lugol. It is this, the original and unenriched composition that is the special feature of ANTI-RAD!
Iodine is one of the most essential micronutrients for our bodies. In particular for the thyroid gland, since the vast majority, up to 80%, of iodine is found in the aforementioned gland. The rest of the iodine is accumulated in the female reproductive organs and also in the bones and blood. Its deficiency can have negative effects on the functioning of our entire body. Iodine is essential for proper thyroid function. It regulates the production of thyroid hormones, notable among which are thyroxine and triiodothyronine.
Since the original formula was developed, Lugol’s fluid has been used in many different ways over the years. It was initially used to treat thyroid disorders. However, he became truly “popular” in 1986, when the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster occurred. At the time, it was recommended that this liquid be applied to as many citizens as possible to protect their health from the negative effects of absorbing the radioactive isotope of iodine contained in the radioactive fallout. The event turned out to be prominent in its consequences for all people and animals within the range of the radioactive cloud. Lugol’s fluid was supposed to protect thyroxine and triiodothyronine – the two primary thyroid hormones – from assimilation by the thyroid gland of radioactive isotopes of iodine. The administration of Lugol’s fluid was intended to provide iodine in excess. This action was aimed at saturating the thyroid gland with beneficial iodine ions so that the radioactive one floating in the air was not assimilated.
Nowadays, Lugol’s fluid is highly valued primarily for its antiseptic effects. However, it is most commonly used as a chemical reagent to detect the presence of starch in food products.
– In this way, Lugol’s liquid is used, among other things, in brewing, where the effectiveness of the mashing process is verified through it.
– Lugol’s liquid is also used in orcharding, where it helps determine the ripeness of individual fruits.
– Lugol’s fluid also makes it possible to detect adulteration of milk and cream with flour.
– The so-called iodine test, using Lugol’s fluid, is also used by gynecology as part of diagnostics, where it is referred to as the Schiller Test.

ANTY-RAD is a top quality chemical reagent, a 5% solution of Lugol’s fluid. It is primarily designed for analytical tests to verify the presence of starch in food products, the iodine test. Any other use of ANTY-RAD product is undertaken at your own risk.
– Adding ANTI-RAD to a liquid that contains starch will see the liquid turn a shade of purple. Depending on the concentration, this shade can be lighter or darker. Thus, we will see a black-violet or blue-violet color.
– The pure, original composition, as well as properly calculated and selected proportions ensure that Lugol ANT-RAD liquid is a timeless reagent.
– The product we offer is packaged in a glass bottle for safe storage. The bottle is naturally shaded to protect the precious contents of the ANTI-RAD.
– In addition, ANTY-RAD is equipped with a professional pipette that will allow accurate and fully precise measurement of the liquid.

However, Lugol’s fluid consumed orally can be harmful to health. For this reason, it should only be used according to its chemical purpose.
– Internal use is recommended only after consultation with a doctor, on his express indication or on the recommendation of the health service.
– If the substance comes into contact with the eyes or skin, it is recommended to immediately wash the exposed area with plenty of water.
– If you feel unwell, too, contact your doctor for help.
– It should also be emphasized that Lugol’s ANTI-RAD liquid is a substance that is a strong dye. It can discolor skin and clothing leaving orange-yellow discoloration.
– In the case of discoloration of the skin or material, it is recommended to use an aqueous solution of vitamin C to safely remove discoloration caused by contact with Lugol’s fluid.
– Also, do not use the product after the expiration date, which can be seen on its packaging.

The ANTI-RAD product, like any other Lugol’s fluid, requires proper storage conditions.
– The best solution is to store it in the original bottle, which reduces the negative effects of moisture on the product. Absolutely, the bottle of Lugol’s fluid should be capped so that contact with air is limited.
– It should also be stored in a place where the sun’s rays do not have access.
– In addition, it should be stored at a temperature that does not exceed 25°C.
– Keep this product out of reach and out of sight of little ones.